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Sheriff office personnel, qualifications and salary

1. What do you feel the minimum requirements are to be a Park County Deputy and what should be the base rate for that position?

I believe that the minimum requirements to be a Park County Deputy would include meeting State mandates that require law enforcement applicants to have successfully passed an accredited law enforcement training academy, physical,and psychological evaluation. The Sheriff’s Office should additionally require a High School Diploma or GED.Applicants would be required to
pass a standardized written test, followed by an oral board.Successful applicants would typically receive a conditional job offer pending a thorough background investigation to include a polygraph examination.

A base rate of $45,000 would be in line with Colorado standards.

2. Should you seek higher salaries for Deputies how will you ensure that ANY tax increase goes toward training and making sure that Park County has qualified people in the positions?

When counties or municipalities examine salary increases, most utilize a system of surveying counties or towns that are similar in size, demographics, and cost of living. County Commissioners would typically look at salary increases for county employees as a whole, because ALL county departments are facing the same critical issues.There would have to be discussion, planning and consensus by county leadership on how the increases would be paid for from the current budget.Otherwise, other options would have to be considered and taken to the voters. I would work with other elected officials and county leadership to tackle this issue.

3. What will you do about the fact that some of our current Deputies have been involved in activities in the past that have gotten them relieved of their positions then rehired at a later date? Activities that are illegal and violate the sworn oath they have taken.

As your Undersheriff I held officers accountable. As your Sheriff I will do the same.

Monte Gore for Sheriff
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