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School Safety

1. Question: What will you do to insure that an armed Resource Officer is ALWAYS present during school hours at the Fitzsimmons Middle School and High School?

Answer: We need to include ALL Park County Schools. There are (5) school campus’s located in Park County each one needs a SRO.

1.  Platte Canyon and Fitzimmons Middle School.
2.  Deer Creek Elementary.
3.  South Park High School,South Park Middle School, and Edith Teter Elementary.
4.  Lake George Charter School.
5.  Guffey Charter School.

Of all the candidates I’m the only that worked to get a tax increase to fund armed Resource Officers in all of our schools. I believe at the time the cost was approximately$12.00 per one hundred thousand dollars of property value.This tax initiative was defeated. By reducing our
jail costs as stated earlier and with the approval of our county commissioners we could reallocate resources to where there needed our schools. As I have previously stated the safety of our kids is one of my top priorities. Citizens have my assurance, as your Sheriff, I will make this happen.


I believe in the responsible and frugal use of your tax dollars.  In the case of the safety of our kids, a small mill levy increase would provide the funds to make this happen.  I worked toward this goal in 2013 but the increase was defeated.

2. Question. Would you support or not support teachers in the Platte Canyon school system being trained and authorized to maintain a firearm in select classrooms?

I support having teachers and special deputies trained and authorized to carry a firearm in our schools throughout Park County, and have previously implemented this program. We have been lucky to have had veterans and others with specialized training available.

Monte Gore for Sheriff
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