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Running an honest, ethical transparent office

1.Question: What procedures will you implement to provide transparency in your departments activities above and beyond the open records laws [ALL]

Answer: As a leader, I have always responded to requests on open records. The editor of our local paper, the Flume, can verify this.
I have insured that our citizens receive the information they have requested in a timely manner. There will be instances where we can not readily release information,such as in the case of an
ongoing investigation. Information would be released after the investigation had concluded.

2. Question: Will you publish your agencies policy and procedure manual including use of force continuum and code of conduct publicly?

Answer: Yes, and I have always made these available for our citizens.

3. Question: If elected, how will you avoid conflict of interest, favoritism and the perception of deep corruption that currently seems to be so prevalent.

Answer: As Sheriff, honesty and integrity are your trademark, and are evidence of your character. You lead by example! You must not give an impression of impropriety. Good leaders are fair and treat others with respect and dignity.

Monte Gore for Sheriff
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