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Law Enforcement Accrediation/Availability of Policies & Procedures

1. Question. As an Accreditation & Policy Compliance Manager in a neighboring jurisdiction, I am wondering why the PCSO has not decided to pursue law enforcement accreditation? I believe many of the issues the PCSO has faced/is currently facing are covered by LE standards, and these programs would immensely help bring this agency back on track. Can the candidates speak as to their thoughts on pursuing this recognition?

1. Answer. Accreditation in a small agency is a very costly. That is why most small agencies are not accredited.

Law Enforcement standards must be followed to be of value. It was not a lack of policies and procedures or training that created recent problems, but rather a willful disregard of both policies and procedures and training; which were provided and ignored.
The most important issue to bring to our Sheriff’s Office is LEADERSHIP!

2. Question. Will you publish your agencies policy and procedure manual including use of force continuum and code of conduct publicly?

2. Answer. Yes, and I have always made these available for our citizens.

Monte Gore for Sheriff
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