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Handling of Baricaded Suspect/Martin Wirth Eviction

1. Question. How would you have handled the Martin Wirth eviction differently? Please provide detail.

1. Answer. Generally, this would be considered a barricaded suspect situation. Protocols for barricaded suspect situations should have been implemented.There were no hostages and no citizens in immediate danger.

When managing a barricaded suspect,UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should entry be attempted.A perimeter would need to be established around the house.Neighbors who may be
in danger would need to be evacuated. A SWAT call out should be initiated. Fire and ambulance should be staged a safe distance away, yet close enough to react quickly and efficiently. Incident command would be established. Attempts to communicate with the individual would be made. One must remember time is on our side, we have all the time we need to to accomplish a step-by- step process. If contact with a barricaded suspect is successful, encourage the barricaded suspect to come out. If communication is unsuccessful, or the barricaded suspect refuses to leave, consider options. Review the situation: Is this a Felony, or lesser crime? Is there a violation of law that is serious enough to continue the operation? Evaluate. A reasonable response in a barricaded situation would be to utilize gas to force the suspect out of the residence. Another reasonable response is a ” tactical withdrawal”. Simply terminate the operation in favor of a better opportunity.

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