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1. Question Question asked by Bob Ensign on Facebook:

Do you support aiding federal law enforcement of federal marijuana laws or protecting Colorado citizens and state laws from federal intrusion?

1. Answer. As your Sheriff I would work with other Sheriff's, Law Enforcement Leaders and our Attorney General to Defend the Colorado Constitution and Colorado law.

Answer to Glenn Ingalls on Facebook:

Thank you for your question.  As your Sheriff, I would defend the Constitution of the State of Colorado and our laws.  U.S. Attorney General Sessions is at present making “Broad Policy Statements” that lack specific information about what they plan to do.  I don’t think the issue is about legal marijuana operations or businesses in Colorado.  The issue the Federal Government has is the flow of illegally-grown marijuana for distribution in other states.  More than likely there will be plans to control the illegal flow of marijuana at the state borders.  I will keep appraised of how this issue develops.  For information on other questions, please go to my web-page and click on the issues tab.

2. Question.  Do you support the federal government removing marijuana from a schedule1 drug?The DEA hopes to have a decision on this issue by July.

2. Answer. I would support the removal of marijuana as a schedule1 drug.

Monte Gore for Sheriff
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